The Strategy That Will Keep You Motivated in Your Business

If you’re searching the web for any articles that contain The Golden New Business Motivational Strategy, let me save you some time—stop surfing. It doesn’t exist. If you’re attending seminars or webinars or reading books or taking an e-course with hopes that you’ll finally encounter the Great External Source of Entrepreneur Accountability, then you’re wasting your time and money.

No One Else’s Path

As an employee, the path to success is laid out: show up, do a good job and get paid. Perform better then get paid more; well, at least one would hope. Doing this regularly will give you long term engagement. Everything is predictable, which leaves little to chance.

For the entrepreneur, the case is very different, as one would need to carve his or her own trail. Chance is essential on how things play out for you to achieve greater financial success.

The need for constant reassurance is, sometimes inevitable when just starting out. I’ve also experienced such issues when I started my business. It’s only normal.

The path to your own successful venture can involve many unknowns, surprises and even mistakes. No matter now difficult things seem to be, just remember to enjoy the journey.

The Big Shift

Eventually, after seeing many others succeed, you may come to the realization that if you are going to be successful, you need to start now.

You’ll feel the big shift the moment you stop waiting for someone else to determine your actions. There’s a pang of motivation which signals your readiness to face whatever it takes to build your business. You understand all the risks and know you are the only one who can initiate that change.

And you just start.

Identify Your Reason

I often find many people who want to start their own business, but can’t simply identify why.

It’s going to be pretty hard to get your new venture started if you don’t have a strong reason for doing it. Your reason equals motivation.

Could you be doing it for your family? Do you want to spend more time with your children as they grow? To be able to put them through college?

If your goal is just to have more money because you want to get out of debt, you may understandably find yourself less motivated.

I had a burning desire for more freedom. I did not want to be restricted in an office with a predictable schedule. I wanted to travel the world and I did not want to have to answer to anyone else for my whereabouts, my choices or my time off.

I didn’t come from a wealthy family, but I wanted to live a more comfortable lifestyle. I wanted to have enough money so that I’d never have to check the right-hand column of the menu before I order. I work harder in my own business than I ever would have for someone else. I wanted to have enough money so I can work as I please, without ever worrying I’ll go bankrupt.

I wanted all of this so bad, that I would struggle quite a bit until I achieved it.

So, ask yourself, “Why am I doing this in the first place?” Come up with the strongest answer you can. Then write it down. Post it where you’ll see it—at your computer, on your mirror, on the fridge—so that you constantly remind yourself why.

Actually Doing It

By now, you’ve identified why you’re in this business. It’s a powerful step, however, a lot of people continue to be distracted by other responsibilities, both real and imaginary.

When they could spend an hour learning what a solo ad is and how to place one, or even sending daily email to their leads, they go off doing something different instead—like cleaning the house, for instance. I like clean houses, too, but would they been fined by some authority for failing to clean the house? No. Yet people “get busy” this way, rather than devoting a little time to their business.

It’s evident that people prefer to stay in their comfort zone. They like to work on what’s familiar and easy, such as their dead-end jobs, where they’re stuck with a fixed income and have no savings at all.

Conversely, there’s no certainty in placing a solo ad for the first time or in giving up an hour to learn how to write more effective landing page copy. These things are unfamiliar, uncomfortable and they shy away from it.

So, in addition to reminding yourself why you’re doing what you do, you also need to be aware of the consequences that might happen for not doing it.

Take a hard look and come up with real situations where you might get in trouble if you don’t take the steps to start your business, keep it moving, and changing your life. Write them down and keep them where you will always see them. You will eventually start investing more time to your business.

Lastly, it’s very effective if you work on your business first thing in the morning. Get up a little earlier if you have to, and get the challenging tasks knocked off before anything else. You’ll have made progress before everything else begins vying for your attention.

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