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In Online Marketing, Simplicity Is Power

Most people don’t know what’s going on under the hoods of their cars. I am hardly an expert myself, but I don’t think you need to be one to get some value from this illustration:


The most powerful car in the world would be one that consisted only of a motor, four wheels and a steering wheel. The motor would directly drive the rear wheels and the driver would steer the front wheels. There would be no lights, no air conditioning, no transmission, no power steering or anything else. All those things burden the engine, so if you take them away, you get more driving power. It’s simple (crude, really) but very effective and efficient.


In anything you do, simplicity is power.



One Thing


How can you apply the “simplicity is power” idea to your online marketing?


I am going to use MOBE’s My Top Tier Business (MTTB) as an example, though you can adapt this to whatever online business you’re in.


When people purchase MTTB, they go through 21 steps, which will get them up to speed on what online marketing is and how it works. This includes a traffic program that will teach them what online traffic is and how to generate it. From this program, they can learn about affiliate links, email autoresponders, and landing pages. They can also learn about all the different offers they can promote, including front-end offers, live events, as well as other products and services.


At that point, it’s time to … stop.


While there will be more to learn at some time in the future, the person doing MTTB has already learned enough to take action. They don’t need to absorb more knowledge before they can act.


So, now it’s a matter of One Thing” where they will need to put all of their energy into: Choosing an advertising method and going into action with it. And, like that motor doing nothing but driving those wheels, that’s all they are going to do for a while.



It goes like this:


Choose a traffic method (type of paid advertising) and research places where to obtain it. For instance, if you choose solo ads, then you’ve got to compile a big list (100 or more) of potential solo ad providers.


Write your ad. If you don’t know how to write an ad, you might have to spend an hour or so leaning about it (see more below).


Once you’ve written the ad, contact the solo ad providers from the list you created. Get some ads placed.


Pay attention to how each of your ads performs. Keep the results in a spreadsheet or other document. Also, keep track of the number of clicks, opt-ins, and sales that you get for each ad. Eventually, you will place an ad that does a lot better than average. You will want to begin reinvesting your commissions into the more effective ads to scale up your results.


So, you see what you’re doing here? You’re concentrating on ads to drive traffic and the results they get. That’s the one thing behind which you are putting in all of your resources. You are not concentrating on getting more knowledge. You are not spending time on Facebook (unless you choose to run Facebook ads) or YouTube (unless you decided to use YouTube video marketing). You are not getting involved in other products or programs.


You are doing the one thing that will bring you leads and sales, which is the whole point of getting into online marketing in the first place, right?



The 1:4 Ratio


Another way of looking at this is using a learning-to-action ratio I’ve mentioned before.


For every hour of learning you engage in, apply it for four hours, take what you’ve learned, and actually do it. If there is one thing that contributed to any success, it’s the “action” part of this ratio.


With MOBE, here are several things you can learn in about an hour and then put immediately into use:


  • Product or service offers (learn, then choose one to promote)
  • What a lead capture page is and how to construct one
  • What an email autoresponder is, where to get it, and how to set up an account
  • Why a good headline is important and how to write them for your ads, autoresponder sequence, and other marketing materials
  • What a Facebook pay-per-click ad is

There are plenty of other things but these are the actions you would want to be concentrating on because …



That’s How You Get Sales


So, to keep it simple:


  1. Learn the actions that will bring in leads and sales.
  2. Concentrate on doing the actions that bring in leads and sales.
  3. Refrain from actions that don’t contribute to leads and sales.


It takes some discipline, sometimes. But leads and sales is why you got into online marketing, correct? Do this and you will be well on your way to loads of sales and more.


Discover more about MTTB by watching this 17 Minutes Only video and take action by going on a free 7 day trial.