How Can New Online Marketers Make the “Right Mistakes?”

Neither I nor anyone else can ensure that your new online marketing business is going to sail forward without any trouble. You will make mistakes. You’ll learn from them. And you’ll be wiser for having made them.

But not all mistakes have the same value. If you’re doing the right things to get your business started and growing, you will make the “right mistakes.” But if you’re doing the wrong things, you’re only wasting time.

The Right Mistakes

Before I get too internet marketing-specific, let me give you an example of “right mistakes” vs. “wrong mistakes.”

Imagine you need to take a flight across the country to attend an important event. The right thing to do would be to buy an airline ticket, then get to the airport at the right time and board the flight.

If you’re doing the actions that contribute to this goal, what are some things that could possibly go wrong? You could end up spending too much for your ticket. You could forget to fill up your gas tank and run out while driving to the airport. You could accidentally go to the wrong gate and miss your flight. With these mistakes, you’d learn something that you could apply the next time you needed to fly cross country.

If you’re doing the wrong things, the mistakes you make won’t contribute to a better understanding of how to do it right. For instance, instead of buying an airline ticket, you begin researching train or bus routes and ticket prices for each or you get caught up in news stories about a lawsuit against a certain airline or you compulsively pack and re-pack your suitcase, obsessing about what to take with you.

In the second scenario, you would have learned nothing about how to reach the airport and board your flight more efficiently and successfully. But as long as you are doing the actions that actually lead toward the goal, even if you flub, you come away with actual valuable experience.

Right Actions for New Online Marketers

As a new online marketer, you have to do those things that will lead to your first sale. There are specific reasons for this:

  • As a business, you require income to reinvest in advertising and thus scale up.
  • Getting your first sale as fast as possible validates your efforts and keeps self-doubt away. It’s proof you’ve found something that works and that you can do it.

To do this, focus your efforts on creating an effective and efficient customer acquisition process—also known as a “sales funnel” or just “funnel.” This funnel is made up of various pieces that work together to move your prospect through the sales cycle. It includes:

  • Lead capture page
  • Sales letter or video for your front-end offer
  • Order page
  • Follow-up email sequence

The businesses that make the most money online put a lot of attention on creating and optimizing their sales funnel because once they’ve got one that converts well, it will continue to do its job as long as they continue to drive paid traffic to it.

You can further optimize a funnel for even better results by testing variations of each part of it without abandoning the ones that works. The objective is to arrive at a funnel that brings in the most revenue per customer possible.

Wrong Actions

In the beginning, if you’re doing anything other than actions that will lead to the creation and implementation of a high-converting sales funnel, you are simply wasting your time and delaying your first sale for years, perhaps.

These wrong actions include learning to write HTML code, learning to build web pages, designing logos or business cards, or being distracted by every new online marketing product launch or offer announcement that hits your email inbox.

Do the actions that will lead to the sale. Everything else can wait.

I Lied (Sort Of) …

Though I said at the beginning that neither I nor anyone else could ensure that your business would move ahead with no trouble, I can give you one piece of advice that will save you a lot of time and it’s this:

If you aren’t knowledgeable or experienced in writing copy that converts, hire someone who is. Even if it costs you an uncomfortable amount of money, it will be worth it. Hire the best you can afford.

This is important because, if you write your own copy and get no results, it might never occur to you that the reason is weak copy. Yes, it’s true that you need a quality product, but the copy is what does the selling, so it’s got to be good.

Final Thought

I made plenty of mistakes with my business in the beginning and I still make them from time to time. But the mistakes I make today are the right kind, because I am doing the right actions to grow my business.

It’s inevitable that you’re going to make some mistakes in developing your online marketing business. The wrong mistakes cost you time. The right mistakes give you valuable experience and knowledge.

Make the right mistakes.

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