How Can I Tell if I’m “MTTB Material?”


MOBE has tens of thousands of active affiliates. What most of them have in common is that they started with My Top Tier Business (MTTB), MOBE’s most popular front-end offer. So, who are these people and how do you know if the product is good fit for you?



A little bit about MTTB



MTTB was the result of Matt Lloyd’s brainstorming session that addresses the issues that people face with affiliate marketing.


It wasn’t hard to identify the trouble spots. Number one on the list was phone sales. Most people hate selling in general. But failure to contact leads and sell to them means you’re walking away from considerable money—above 75% of whatever you make.


Another thing—a big one—is that most affiliate programs don’t deal with high-ticket items (products or services priced at $2,000 or above). People either don’t know how to create them or, again, don’t know how to sell them. If a group of people buy a $2,000 item, a certain percentage of them can and will spend much more on additional products and services. So, you’ve got to have them available.


The last thing is personal help. For the newcomer, there is a lot of information. A good coach will get on Skype with you, share their screen, and walk you through the how-to’s of driving traffic.


MTTB has an in-house phone sales team that handles all the back-end sales; it has very desirable high-ticket items in which affiliates can earn commissions from $1,000 up to $10,000; and it gives you your own personal phone coach.


All that for $49. MTTB debuted in 2013 and was an immediate hit—ultimately selling more than 50,000 copies, which led to generating millions in commissions for MOBE affiliates.



Who Is Doing MTTB?


Well into MTTB’s success, I’d assumed that the people who were doing the program in their mid-20’s people with entrepreneurial aspirations. From the survey results, I was astounded at what I discovered. The majority of MTTB affiliates were mature people—baby boomers (people born between 1946 and 1964) who were seeking an additional income or who had retired and were seeking to start a side business or just have something to keep them active.


But plenty of younger people also do MTTB—people in their twenties, thirties, and forties. We even have affiliates in their eighties. These are all people who want to be their own boss and build their own business. It’s people who want to supplement their income or attain a much higher quality of life.


The greatest concentration of people doing MTTB is in the U.S. The other large markets are in the UK, Canada, and Australia; but altogether, we have people doing it in close to 40 different countries.


Another thing that I found interesting is that people from all kinds of careers are interested in MTTB: corporate types, doctors, lawyers, housewives, students, and more.



Strongest Guarantee Ever


I’d say that what all these people have in common is a recognition that people make money online and that they can, too. In fact, MOBE guarantees it. The strength of our guarantee is probably why MTTB appeals to such a large pool of people.


We actually give two guarantees: If you purchase MTTB, do the 21 educational steps, and then decide that it wasn’t worth it for whatever reason, you can get your $49 back by contacting our customer support department. You don’t have to explain why and no one is going to ask. It wasn’t for you? Boom! Refund.


The second part of the guarantee is this: Do the 21 steps and then the 30-Day Traffic plan follows. This training shows you exactly what to do to drive traffic to your offer. Listen to your coach and implement the plan. If you haven’t made your first commission within 30 days of completing the 21 steps, you will not only get back your $49, but MOBE will give you an additional $500 for your trouble.


The only proviso is that you’ve got to be able to show that you implemented the plan and took the steps to drive traffic. So, as long as you take action and can show that you did, the guarantee holds. There are no other conditions for this guarantee.



The Answer Is …


If you’re still wondering if you’re “MTTB material,” I’d say you might be, if:


  • you’re between the ages of 18 and 118 (or until whatever age)
  • you want to have your own business
  • you want to earn an extra part-time income or even a six-figure income online
  • you don’t like to sell
  • you love an offer with an iron-clad guarantee


If you can say “yes” to one or more of those items, you’re probably MTTB material. Click on this link