Forget “Internet Marketing.” Whether Online or Offline, You’re Just Marketing

There are several good reasons why people join MOBE, based on the recognition that it’s an effective commission-generating system.
But some people hesitate because they don’t think they have the technical ability for “Internet marketing.”
If you’re on the fence for that reason, you might be surprised to discover the truth.


MOBE Is Not an Internet Marketing Company. “Internet marketing” is an expression that people use to describe the activity of getting your offer (the product or service you’re selling) in front of the right audience (people who need or want what you’re selling).


But that’s actually the definition for direct marketing—a kind of marketing that’s been done for more than 100 years.

Now, hang in here with me a little longer. I realize you might be thinking that I am dealing in semantics here, but what I am actually doing is making a very powerful distinction:


1. Internet marketing is the conceiving and creating of the infrastructure one needs to market a product or service on the internet. This includes landing pages, web sites, video content, etc.


2. Direct marketing is the process of identifying the audience that’s hungriest for what you are selling and getting their attention onto it. Direct marketing is done both online and offline (more on this below).


In MOBE, the emphasis is on the marketing, not the internet. Our affiliates are direct marketers, not internet marketers.

We’ve Already Created the Infrastructure. When Matt Lloyd started this industry, he had no choice but to be an internet marketer.
Yet, he knew nothing about computers beyond sending and receiving email and searching on Google.
He didn’t have the technological savvy to create the necessary infrastructure. So, he read and studied a lot.
He hired people to teach him and to build the various bits and pieces.

Honestly, it was a time-consuming headache and it put a long runway between starting his business and making his first sale.

He developed the My Top Tier Business (MTTB) program because he noticed that there were a lot of people who were interested in making a living online, but they were shying away from it because they lacked computer skills.


With MTTB and the other MOBE affiliate levels, the infrastructure is in place and accessible to you: landing pages, video content, and more. To take it a step further, the marketing infrastructure has been tested and optimized for maximum conversion. All any affiliate needs to do is get people to look at the offer.


For the few computer-related things that a MOBE affiliate has to learn, some of the best instructional material available has been created so you don’t have to figure it out from scratch.


Offline Direct Marketing
Marketers have been targeting specific audiences and selling products to them long before there was a public internet. They did it with print ads and direct mail.

For instance, if a company was selling a home-based business opportunity, they might have placed a series of ads in newspapers or magazines: “Make $100,000 a Year Working from Home.”


Not everyone is going to be interested in that offer, but people who want to have their own business, be their own boss, or have a second income would be.

When ads have run for a long time and enough people have responded,
the company will have amassed a large list of customers and leads—
people who are interested in home-based business opportunities.
Other companies with similar offers might be able to rent that company’s list for a certain period of time to mail their offer to.


Today, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, publishers, etc. use this kind of marketing to get their offers in front of prospects.

You might be surprised to discover that there are several MOBE affiliates who market MOBE’s products offline like this. The call to action that they use in their ad or mail piece might direct the prospect to call them for more information, at which time they register them to attend a live event. They might even tell them about the offer and make a sale over the phone. The ad or mail piece might direct the prospect to visit one of MOBE’s high-converting landing pages to find out more about the offer.


Final Thought
The internet is not really any different than a magazine, radio, direct mail piece or a kid standing on the corner selling newspapers. It’s just another way to direct market to people.

MOBE has a highly effective internet infrastructure in place for our affiliates’ use.

You can drive prospects to MOBE’s offers using offline methods as well as online ones.