A Lifestyle Business

I love to travel to all the different places in the world and yet at the same time earn an income. Some people call it the Dot Com Lifestyle. It means that you not only have money freedom but time and location freedom as well. There are many people who make a lot of money but they have no time to spend it because they are working all the time. In addition, they are stuck at one place all the time because they cannot take time off to enjoy what they have earned.

What about you?

Is what you’re doing right now fulfilling you?  Are you happy?

If you can’t answer with a emphatic YES, then you have two choices:

1.) Do nothing, like most people. Keep getting the same result, and be in the same place 5, 10 years from now.

2.) Decide to do something to change your circumstances, and follow it up with some action.

If you choose the 2nd option, the good news is creating change is quite simple.

You Need to Follow these Steps:

  1. Find a good, high converting offer you can promote to an audience.  In MOBE, one of our front end offers is MTTB
  2. Make sure the front end offer has a good back-end program, and, that the affiliate program of that program ensures your front-end buyers are locked to you, so, when they upgrade you’re getting those comissions (not some other affiliate.)
  3. Drive traffic.  Do paid traffic.  Not free.  Paid traffic is faster … and much more scalable. It’s easier to get to the big numbers (although it’s possible to do well with free traffic—the 2nd top earner in MOBE has done around 1.7m with his blog—this is the exception and not the rule.) Everything you need to know about driving traffic is covered in Traffic Generator Pro program.
  4. This is the most important one to scaling; take a proportion of last months earnings (the higher the better) and reinvest it back into paid traffic for the next month.


If you want to drastically alter your life … and create entirely new financial circumstances … then you only need to do the above 4 steps.

It might look overly simplified.  But that’s what all top MOBE affiliates have been doing as well.

Talk Soon,

Annie Chia